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gutter cleaning wichitaProviding squeaky clean gutters to the Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area.

Gutter Scrubbers is revolutionizing the gutter cleaning industry.  By combining easy online pricing and booking, with outstanding customer service, we provide the cleanest gutters in Wichita and the surrounding area.

Traditional Gutter Cleaning with a Modern Twist

  • Just tell us who you are, a little about your home, and when you want us there. It takes less than 60 seconds to schedule.
  • Once you’ve booked, pay securely online using a credit or debit card. You never need to give cash to your gutter cleaners.
  • Have our pros come out as often as you want, even if it’s just one time. And you pay for only the services you want ahead of time.
  • With everything online and instant booking & confirmation, there’s no need to play annoying games of phone tag.
  • Our gutter cleaning Wichita is the best around!

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In Raleigh, our gutter cleaning crews are all experienced and provide their own tools.  Most had experience before joining the Gutter Scrubbers Raleigh, NC team!

Satisfaction-Icon2Our customers rate each team member after the service is provided.  So only those crew members with the highest rating get to stay on with the Gutter Scrubbers team.

warning_blackNo Power Washers!  Other companies climb on your roof and start blasting your gutters out with high pressure washers.  This is a big no-no – shingles and gutters are not designed for this intense pressure, and can easily be damaged.

Checkmark-Icon2Our crews only hand scoop – its a yucky job, but that’s how we roll.  Each gutter section is carefully cleaned out by hand, and then flushed with clean water to make sure all the little gunk is flushed down the spout.

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Why You Need to Clean Your Gutters in Raleigh, NC

Many people don’t consider gutters being an integral part of the roofing system. Just like other portions of your property, they require regular maintenance to stop damage from the elements and also to keep your house looking fine. Gutters direct water from the roof further away from your dwelling. In the event the gutters are clogged and not able to function correctly, both your shingles along with your foundation are prone to damage. Luckily, with some routine maintenance, this damage can be avoided.

Clogged gutters can cause all kinds of problems along with your home, here are a few common examples:

Pests: Gutters which are clogged make a terrific home for even, carpenter ants and mosquitoes rodents. There is a good chance they’ll wind up inside your home dwelling with you, if these pests are living in your gutters!

Ice Dams: Should your home is in a cold climate where the temperature can drop below freezing, ice dams can be caused by your clogged gutters. Your gutters can be so heavy the gutter cans rip from the roof. On top of that the ice get underneath the shingles and can build back up the roofing. Then when it melts it flows in your home. Experts say that this is actually the most common form of gutter damage they find in the chillier the climates.

Loosened gutter: All of the weight of leaves and sticks in your gutters can put enough weight on them to loosen them so they start to pull on manner in the fascia.

Water damage: If your gutters are not operating correctly they will not direct water away from the base. This can lead to a build-up of water if it freezes, on the exterior face of your base wall that could seep into your basement, or perhaps break the base wall or you’ve got clay type soil that expands.

In the event you are unafraid of heights it is possible to commonly do this job yourself. But it is definitely recommended in case you need any additional help to call a professional. Not only can a professional save you the hassle of climbing up a ladder that is down a dangerous, they tell you when they see any early warning signs of damage which is in need of repair and can also inspect the gutters.


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